Olive oil has been known for generations not only for its healing qualities but also as a natural , deep penetration moisturizer, regenerating skin cells and softening the tissue.

Historical research claims that man's first first use of olive oil was in cosmetics. The exceptional properties of olive oil was accumulated over the passage of centuries and has now been transformed into a scientific fact.

As the name suggests, at the Baths of Aphrodite, "the most important goddess of the ancient Cypriots" used to bathe, the goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Baths of Aphrodite is an area in Akamas in Cyprus and provides a magnificent view of the Bay of Polis.

The cave is said to be where the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite used to bathe. According to mythology, this is where Aphrodite met her lover, the handsome Adonis, when he stopped off for a drink while hunting, to quench his thirst.

Aphrodite's most powerful trade was her magnificent beauty. Her natural radiance and eternal youth made her irresistible and managed to capture the hearts of many.  Inspired by her beauty we use only the best that nature has to offer to help you bring out your inner goddess. 

The Baths of Aphrodite product line combines extra virgin organic olive oil with many other organic substances and vitamins that are greatly beneficial to the skin, offering an ideal natural care for the face, body and hair.


It all started out of love towards the long tradition of olive oil that has to be traced through the ages taking us back to mystical paths of mythical civilizations in the Mediterranean region.

Cypriot olive oil is of the highest quality and carries with it a long tradition, starting from pre-historic times. Evidence of oil-extracting installations has been found in excavations all over the island, while the olive tree predates the existence of civilization on the island.

You can observe the traditional olive-oil making process at olive presses in several villages throughout the island, with the most notable being the village of Anogyra just outside Limassol, where an Olive Museum has been established and where visitors can also learn about the history of olive oil in Cyprus.


Natural cosmetics with extra virgin organic olive oil and other natural ingredients, extracts and vitamins, which offer a unique combination for your skin.

All products are Paraben free.

Quality products, user friendly size packaging, followed by a friendly customer price policy as well.

Products for a complete face & body session followed by a unique bath & hair care range with the philosophy of turning natural recipes into high quality cosmetic products.


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